New Generations Service Exchange is the most recent among the programmes included in the Fifth Avenue of Service of R.I., dedicated to Youth Service.
The program is aimed at involving persons who have reached the age of majority - indeed, "young adults"- placing them in an activity mainly consisting of service action, encouraging their professional development and stimulating their social interest.

It allows to support young people in their professional development and social interest, giving them the opportunity to learn firsthand about the life, educational system and labour market in another country.

In force since 1st July 2013, it is open to 19 to 30 year olds, undergraduates, university students, trainees, young professionals or people looking for a job, Rotaractians, former youth exchange students, ex Interactians, ex Rotaractians and young people interested in the aims of Rotarian service.

It is not included in the activities of Youth Exchange Programme (different projects, different commissions, different participants, different paperwork).
In particular, as regards NGSE:


  • projects with a strong humanitarian or professional component;
  • carried out under the supervision of NGSE District Commissions and financed at a local level;
  • no R.I. Certification is requested, nor a report to R.I.;
  • reciprocal exchange not mandatory;
  • individual or group exchanges;
  • duration of the stay from a few weeks to several months (maximum 6);
  • sponsorship by local RC, NGSE District Head and Governor;
  • exchange also between clubs belonging to the same country;
  • hospitality in families, hostels, apartments;
  • host districts organise local transport, accommodation, activities;
  • agreements between Sponsor and Host District necessary;
  • only general rules available;
  • verification and compliance with the labour laws of the Host Country.

Common aspects between Youth Exchange and NGSE:

  • they are both exchange programmes of R.I.;
  • they both belong to the Fifth Avenue of Service;
  • the participants in both programmes are “ambassadors” for their Country.

Costs and organisation

  • at the expense of the host District/Club: food, accommodation and organisation of the programme;
  • at the expense of the participants: travel costs, insurance, pocket money, registration fee (if required).
  • Visa only if required (generally a tourist Visa is sufficient).

    NB: costs to be clearly defined.

Selection of Qualified Participants

  • Young Adults who know Rotary and
  • Understand the value of Service,
  • Are capable of being Ambassadors for their Country/District, interested in the service/professional activities offered
  • Familiar with the local language.

Il Rotary รจ in grado di abbracciare il mondo con i suoi ideali di amicizia, comprensione e servizio.
Paul Harris