1. Goals of the Programme

The N.G.S.E. Programme allows to experience a stay abroad in order to improve one's professional competences and acquire new ones, or operate in the context of social work and service activity.
Furthermore, a full immersion in a different country allows to expand one's vision of the world and develop a deeper understanding of oneself and others.

2. Who can take part?

Boys and girls, between 19 and 30 years of age, undergraduates, university students, trainees, young professionals or people looking for a job, coming from both Rotarian and non-Rotarian families.

3. What are the costs to take part in the Programme?

Participants admitted in the programme must only sustain the following expenses:

  • return trip to the host Country;
  • accident and health insurance;
  • travel documents and small registration fee.

Expenses for food and accommodation will be sustained by the host Rotary Club.

4. Which countries are included in the exchange programme?

Countries from all over the world ( USA, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, Chile, Mexico, South Africa, Thailand, Japan, Philippines, Europe...)

5. Where do you stay?

Accommodation is with Rotarian and non-Rotarian families, under the responsibility of the local Rotary Club.


Young people interested in the programme, resident in the territory of Rotary District 2080 (Rome, Latium, Sardinia), are invited to contact the district officer in charge of the N.G.S.E. Programme, providing via email (see “Contacts” page on this site) the following information: Name, Surname, Gender, Date of birth, Address, Qualifications, Profession, Preferred country and reason for preference, Which experience is desired and which competences one wishes to acquire, attaching a Curriculum Vitae.

It is also possible to download the application form, which must be filled in after a preliminary positive opinion given by the District Commission.

Young people not resident in Italy who wish to take part in the District 2080 Programme as regards one of the topics listed in the page "What is offered by District 2080", are kindly requested to contact the Rotary District in their territory of residence, asking to take part in the N.G.S.E. Programme in District 2080.

The R.I. Districts interested in cooperating, sharing or interacting with District 2080 in the N.G.S.E. Programme, are kindly requested to contact it using the email address listed in the "Contacts" page.

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Paul Harris