ROTARY is an association of people representing the most diverse professional activities, who work together worldwide to serve society, encourage respect of high ethical principles in the practice of all professions and help build a world of friendship and peace.

The first service organisation to be established in the world, ROTARY was born in Chicago (Illinois, USA) on the evening of 23rd February 1905, formed by young lawyer Paul Harris and three friends of his.

ROTARY currently counts about 1.2 million members – men and women – high-rank exponents in their professional sectors and belonging to over 32.000 Rotary Clubs in nearly every nation in the world.

ROTARY Clubs meet regularly on a weekly basis to allow members to discuss topics of common interest, both at a local and international level. In each club, permanent members represent a cross-section of the economic life of the community.

ROTARY clubs organise and carry out humanitarian and educational projects benefiting inhabitants of their community and of communities of other countries, located all over the world.

ROTARY also means Rotary Foundation, which distributes over 90 million US dollars yearly in international scholarships, cultural exchanges and humanitarian assistance projects of various amounts, aimed at improving the quality of life of millions of people. Rotary is widely considered the greatest private provider of international scholarships.

ROTARY means Polio Plus, a project which shows its commitment to cooperate with other national and international health organisations to globally eradicate infant paralysis. Thanks to Polio Plus Funds, over a billion children in developing countries have been vaccinated so far.

Finally, ROTARY means Youth Exchange Programme and New Generations Service Exchange, which every year involve over 8.000 young people from all over the world and enrich their culture and knowledge thanks to the contact with worlds that are different from their own.


Il Rotary รจ in grado di abbracciare il mondo con i suoi ideali di amicizia, comprensione e servizio.
Paul Harris