The N.G.S.E. Programme of R. I.


New Generations Service Exchange (NGSE)

A Rotary programme aimed at involving young adults in an active and long-lasting service action, favouring their professional development and social interest.

An initiative which also promotes peace and understanding among people by means of direct contact between young generations of different cultures.


About Rotary

ROTARY is an association of people representing the most diverse professional activities, who work together worldwide to serve society, encourage respect of high ethical principles in the practice of all professions and help build a world of friendship and peace.

The first service organisation to be established in the world, ROTARY was born in Chicago (Illinois, USA) on the evening of 23rd February 1905, formed by young lawyer Paul Harris and three friends of his.


Il Rotary รจ in grado di abbracciare il mondo con i suoi ideali di amicizia, comprensione e servizio.
Paul Harris